We are pleased to present Enduring Momentum, a book that commemorates Odyssey Group’s first 25 years as a Fairfax Company.

“Strong leadership, cool heads, solid backing”

- David Green, OdysseyRe, Toronto, Underwriting

“A place that appreciates my contributions”

- Markus Schaefer, Newline, Cologne, Underwriting

“Building success while building a family”

- John LaBelle, Hudson, Avon, Underwriting

“We honor what we have promised”

- Koh Chui Miin, OdysseyRe, Singapore, Accounting

“Doing what's right, even under pressure”

- Bonnie Katubig, Hudson, Chicago, Claims

“A company spirit founded in diversity”

- Anne-Claire Serres, OdysseyRe, Paris, Underwriting

odyssey group logo 25 years as a Fairfax Company

Brian D. Young

In commissioning this book, our goal was to celebrate the people and key events that have guided us to this special anniversary. While it is not intended to encompass every step of our journey, it does highlight many crucial moments during the past quarter century that have been important to our development and success.

What has made our journey so rewarding? The answer is inside these pages, where many of our employees have expressed their thoughts and feelings about who we are as a company and what it’s like to work at Odyssey in just six simple words. This six-word story challenge was posed in January 2020, and the response was overwhelming. I truly hope you enjoy reading them.